Taufiq’s travels

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The Alhambra in Granada, Andalućia, Spain

Sometimes I’d think to myself; if I wasn’t made to move around so much throughout my life, would I have wanted to travel? The answer is : I don’t know. My earliest memories are of long drives for festive migrations, relocations, vacations… then into adulthood, there were places I wanted to see, that my wife wanted to see, places that I got sent to for work and places that I didn’t want to go to but ended up going anyway for the hell of it.

In any case, I can see that it has shaped who I am. I feel blessed and grateful to God that traveling opportunities have kept coming my way and to have such a loving family and great friends to travel with. What a time to live in, where a return flight ticket can cost less than a pair of shoes – I know which I’d pick if I had to make a choice.


Another passion of mine is food. In all the great meals I’ve had, you can taste the love the person has put into it, and most of the time these places don’t take credit cards. I am also an amateur cook and like preparing my own meals. As a child my dad would wake me up before dawn to go to the market to get the freshest fish, and as the sun rose we would get the rest of the groceries. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed going to the market and seeing the produce, especially the local produce. It’s a great way to get to know the culture and the people.

Cambodian ‘Nom Banh Chok’